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“Opportunities arise from difficult situations. We in the world of craftsmanship know this well, underlining a historical period that puts the human being to the test. We are asking ourselves about the future, going through a present in constant evolution. "

This is how the founder of Fiori d 'Arancio introduces herself, Francesca Alferi, who during the Quadrennial Elective Assembly was nominated Neo Territorial President of the interest group “IMPRESA DONNA” Cna Agrigento. They will also be part of the Bureau for the territory of 1TP4 Agrigento: Roberta Tuttolomondo, Filippo Inglima, Elio D'Orsi, Gero Nobile, Salvatore D'Amico, Giuseppe Picarella, Francesca Alferi and Daniela Salemi We wish the re-elected President Francesco Di Natale and Secretary Claudio Spoto the people who represent the engine of organization and territory. Thanks CNA Greetings Francesca from Orange Flowers. 😍#territory# women#digital#impresadonne#cna

50 years of life of the CNA Agrigentina we are a big family, first of all the people.

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