Fiori d 'Arancio, with its Chiacchierino lace which completely represents another concept of Sicilian style, continues to be inspired by the Sicani territory, this time we are in Cianciana (AG). Cianciana, a small Sicani town, much loved by Fiori d 'Arancio, is an area rich in landscapes, colors and scents that are dispersed between the sea and the mountains. The new collection "Jewels of Sicily" takes its name from the concept of "Beauty", "Beauty" and "Culture", Dostoevsky affirmed that it is the beauty that will save the world. We can also now think that the pandemic beyond the health crisis has generated a profound social and economic crisis. We have lost many of the references that made up pre-covid society but gained new awareness. Yet Sicily, a land that in itself suffers from isolation from the rest of the country, cannot risk returning to "its" normality, but must take up and focus its own challenge on beauty and creativity. In Sicily there are many "Jewels of Sicily" waiting to be enhanced, such as the Sicani territory between sea and mountains between water and land.

The collection was photographed by Gaetano Zambiente, a young emerging photographer.

We also want to thank the Municipality of Cianciana, the PiGreco Association of Alessandria della Rocca and the Holy Week Association of Cianciana for their precious collaboration.

Follow us on our dedicated channels to discover the new collection in Pizzo Chiacchierino, soon.

Here is a small preview.

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